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AS-84-1132 English

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(5 op (credits))
Fall 2007

The goal of the course is to give students an extensive introduction to automation and its applications in different fields of industry. The basics of computer-based automation technology and control theory are also covered. The course consists of lectures (in Finnish) ,exercises (in Finnish) and laboratory demonstrations that give a perspective of practical automation research. For English speaking students the course consists mainly of the book but students are also welcome to lectures (in Finnish).

This course is identical to AS-84.1128 except for this course also contains compulsory laboratory demonstrations.

Information concerning the course appears mainly on this web page. Important and urgent announcements also come to your mailbox.


7.10.2007The results for the exam 4.9.2007 have been published. The are available here


Wednesday 12-14 (Only in finnish!) (AS 2)


Wednesday 16-18 (Only in finnish!) (AS 2)


Laboratory demonstrations are compulsory for the course AS-84.1132, they are not included in the course AS-84.1128 which is otherwise similar. Demonstrations give a perspective of some fields of research and equipment used in automation technology laboratory. The demonstrations are only organized once a year.

For English speaking students the demonstrations are held on Monday 8.10. starting at 14.30. (group 9). Enrollment for the demonstrations is compulsory and takes place at WebTopi.

There is some material available concerning the demonstrations. It is good to get acquainted to material before the demonstrations.

WorkPartner pdf, home automation pdf, rollo pdf,


Lecture and exercise material are only available in Finnish. For English speaking students the material consists of book: G. Olsson, G. Piani: Computer Systems for Automation and Control (Prentice-Hall 1992).


The exam is based on the course book. To pass the course you need to pass the exam and participate to laboratory demonstrations.

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